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Men’s Recovery House
* The Hope House

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The men’s recovery home, Hope House, is a very well-kept 4-plex with accommodations for 14 men and a House Supervisor. Our trained House Supervisor is Accountable for Ethical Standards. Every apartment has two rooms that hold two men in each room. Each apartment is self-contained for those four men, with a kitchen, dining room, washer, dryer, living room, bathroom, and patio. There is a House Lead in each apartment that is an example and provides guidance and direction. The home has a fenced-in backyard with a BBQ and tables, providing a nice place to relax and hang out. The house is within blocks of the local Alano Club, Food Markets, and many other stores. Located in the Heart of the Beautiful Verde Valley, many things to do and enjoy are within a 15-mile radius. Need guidance on selecting a sober living facility? The Doctor Weighs In – What to Look for in a Quality Sober Living Home

Transitional Housing * The Gratitude House 

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Gratitude House, sober living, is a beautifully laid out 4-Plex Apartment Facility donated to Steps to Recovery Homes from RAW Advocates, another 501(c)(3) organization that disbanded due to unforeseen circumstances.  Need guidance on selecting a sober living facility?  The Doctor Weighs In – What to Look for in a Quality Sober Living Home


Maintaining standards in recovery homes is paramount for people with this life-threatening dilemma who have lost everything and have little or no support from anyone.

Steps to Recovery Homes has always maintained a higher-than-required standard in our recovery homes for our clients. By prioritizing our standards, we continue to increase our client’s success rates, making a healthier community for everyone. Our goals for Gratitude House are:

  • Focus on Health, Wellness, and Therapy (Find ways to make it possible to focus on just themselves and their recovery for the first three months)

  • Create an affordable, self-sustaining program that holistically focuses on the tools individuals need for a healthier lifestyle.

  • One apartment for a house supervisor

  • Two apartments for Structured Sober Living

  • One Apartment for Individuals and Children

The Apartment is a huge step forward; we believe in healing families as part of a successful recovery process. Unfortunately, many people need help finding resources for themselves but struggle to get needed assistance with their children and families.

Transition Housing


The Transition program is a step-down program after someone has gone through sober living.  It’s important to help our clients get ready for the real world.  To do this, there has to be a program with less and less structure and guidance.  This house gives them more independence and cuts some of the costs, so they can start saving money to get their own place.  This very clean and spacious home offers individuals more privacy by having their own room. There is still a high level of structure that assists them in continuing with their foundation in recovery.

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